The FlightScope Academy has been established to provide a forum to educate our FlightScope customers and golf professionals around the world in the usage and benefits of FlightScope technology in teaching and fitting. We hope to provide the attendees the knowledge they need to hone their skills and provide an added value to their students and the game of golf.

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Certification levels

Certified Operator Call to Book

FlightScope Certified Operators demonstrate that they know the basic operation of the FlightScope unit and have full comprehension of how to interpret and use the data.

Certified Professional Register Now

FlightScope Certified Professionals demonstrate a higher level of understanding and application of the FlightScope technology in their teaching and fitting practices.

Certified Master Coming Soon

FlightScope Certified Masters demonstrate the highest level of understanding and application of the FlightScope technology. FlightScope Masters are the leaders in the industry with extensive knowledge on using and applying FlightScope technology to revolutionize teaching and fitting practices.

Upcoming events

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